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Skin Tags

What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are a common complaint, unsightly small benign tensions that usually affect the face area, they are easily removed. Whilst they do not cause pain people find them annoying as they can snag of jewellery and clothing resulting in bleeding.

Do you have a skin tag that doesn’t provide you physical harm but are just unsightly? If you would like to get your skin tag removed then you can contact our Perfection Comsmetic, a professional clinic providing remarkable results. We make sure we treat patients with the utmost professionalism and respect.

Skin Tags are small benign tumours that form mainly in areas where skin creases form e.g. armpits, groin, neck and under women’s breasts, and may also develop on the face and eye lids. Skin Tags can become red and irritated by jewellery, clothing or shaving and may be unsightly. It is believed that Skin Tags develop from skin rubbing against skin. Others note that some viral infection and genetics may be involved.

When you choose to get skin tag removal from Perfection Comsmetic we utilise our laser technology. Due to its effectiveness this treatment is one the most desired services that we provide.


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    Treament Details

    Skin tags are easily removed by applying a small heated probe to the area, the tag is removed and the skin allowed to heal, there is no downtime with this treatment. The skin may be a little red after the treatment and we recommend a few days to allow the skin to fully heal.

    How Can You Prevent Or Treat Skin Tags?

    Skin tags can be prevented through detailed diet planning and regular exercise. This is because skin tags are most common in skin folds caused by weight gain. If you want to avoid skin tags forming under skin folds, keep them dry and free of moisture throughout the day to avoid friction. Also, make sure not to wear jewellery made of metals that your skin might be allergic to.

    Skin tags can be removed surgically via freezing or burning by a aesthetic practitioner or professional skincare clinician. They can also be removed surgically under local anaesthetic. However, if they’re small skin tags, they can be removed at home. By tightening floss or string around a narrow-based skin tag, you can cut off the circulation to the skin tag with little to no bleeding. This only works on narrow-based skin tags though, and should not be attempted on larger ones. Always consult a aesthetic practitioner or expert before trying to remove a skin tag yourself.

    Are Skin Tags Dangerous?

    Skin tags are rarely dangerous but could be an underlying sign of health problems such as weight gain or diabetes.

    How Is Skin Tag Removal Done?

    Skin tag removal is usually a surgical procedure that uses a scalpel, leaving a small scar in its place. Alternatively, you can use cryotherapy, which applies the liquid nitrogen to the affected area and freezes the skin tag.

    What Skin Tag Treatments Are Available?

    When getting your skin tag removed with Cosmetic Perfection, our solution uses laser technology to break down the skin tags cells. This is a quick, easy and highly effective way to get rid of your skin tag for good.

    Will Skin Tags Grow Back After Being Removed?

    Skin tags will very rarely grow back in the same place but could grow back in the same general area of the body. This is due to their growing between folds of skin and in areas of the body where friction often occurs.

    Are there any side effects after using skin tag treatment?

    Our skin clinic in Manchester tries to avoid side effects on your procedure, but you might find that after our laser treatment, a small scar develops in the affected area.

    What Causes Skin Tags? How do skin tags develop?

    Skin tags develop due to friction on the skin. The melanin cells in the skin rub together and form benign growths in these areas.

    Are there any pre or post-care tips for Skin tag removal treatment?

    Make sure to wash your skin tag before removal. After it has been removed, you may want to rinse the area with soap and water, or instead use petroleum jelly or a non-stick plaster to protect the affected area.

    Does the treatment cause pain or discomfort during skin tag removal?

    As with any surgical procedure, there might be some pain and scarring after the removal of the skin tag. The quick and easy process may sting, as with any procedure involving the removal of skin, however, we try to minimise the pain as much as possible.

    If I have more than one skin tag, can I treat them all at once?

    You can book a single session with Cosmetic Perfection to remove any and all skin tags in the same treatment.

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