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Rosacea / Red Face

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that causes bumps, pustules and a flushed complexion. Flare ups can be triggered by spicy foods, UV exposure, extreme weather and alcohol. Whilst the condition is not curable it can be treated successfully with laser therapy which can reduce the red complexion, kill bacteria causing the bumps on the skin and help calm your complexion.

laser therapy also improves collagen production which helps to remodel your skin and increase its resistance to producing thread veins on your skin.

Are you suffering from Rosacea? Perhaps you find yourself avoiding certain triggers that make your Rosacea worse or you avoid some social situations because your Rosacea makes you feel self-conscious or embarrassed? Although Rosacea is relatively common we understand that it can be a very distressing condition.

We have found that our treatment can significantly improve the appearance of redness and thread veins caused by Rosacea.
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Treament Details

The treatment works in the similar way to hair removal, except that the laser machine is configured to target the red pigment. The pigment instantly absorbs the light and causes the vein walls to collapse in turn these veins are instantly destroyed and results can be seen straight away.


Side effects can include a temporary reddening of the face and swelling, the treatment is safe, effective and considered the Gold Standard for treating Rosacea.

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