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Laser Hair Removal

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is one of the popular treatment people want today which gives you more confidence from choosing other methods of hair removal. 

For any laser hair removal to work it must target and destroy the melanin in the follicle. It does this by converting light wavelengths to heat. This heat damages the follicle, so it can no longer support regrowth. After a number of sessions, the follicle either cannot grow hair anymore, or it grows finer, lighter hair very sporadically.

We treat all skin tones on the Fitzpatrick scale and most hair types and the setting will be adjusted according to you skin and hair after your initial consultation and test patch has taken place. 

Areas treated for laser hair removal at Perfection Cosmetic.

  • Face, neck, jaws, ears
  • Arms, Hand, Fingers, abdomen, underarms
  • Shoulder blades, Chest, back, Nipples
  • Bikini / Brazilian / Hollywood, Buttocks, Peri-Anal
  • Feet, Toes, legs


Why a course of treatment is required?

In one single treatment, sixty to ninety percent of the hair in the anagen only stage of the hair growth cycle is successfully treated. This is why you need to have a course of treatments, to eventually reach the majority of the hair growth. 

Every person is different therefore everyone responds differently to the treatment. Some people notice a reduction after one treatment, however generally it is after the third or fourth treatment before you see a noticeable difference. Initially you will see the hair grows back slower and then you will see the hair growth coming back in patches.

Phases of hair growth in the hair growth cycle 

Why the SHR (Super Hair Removal) 

The laser we use is one of the best and latest technology on the market. The treatment is more pleasant than compared to other systems and your skin is better protected. You will experience a mild warm feeling as the light passes over the treatment area using the unique energy delivery method that effectively damages the hair follicle which prevents regrowth, while preventing injury to the surrounding tissue.  The super chilled hand piece cools the skin’s surface preventing superficial burns and the sensation of pain.

This laser is ten times faster than most other lasers on the market. SHR mode gradually heats the skin and hair follicles meaning a large area can be treated all in one go which is virtually painfree.
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    For excellent results, the hair follicle itself must be destroyed which means it must be actively growing when laser treatments are carried out. This is why it is always advised that clients have around 6-12 sessions depending on the treatment area. With laser, light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft to create a photothermal effect within the follicle. Essentially you are heating the hair up to destroy follicle without damaging the surrounding cells.


    Is Laser Hair Removal suitable for everyone?

    Clients with an active tan or below 18 age should not consider Laser Hair Removal treatment as an option. At Perfection Cosmetic, we provide free consultation before all our treatments to ensure our clients receive the right treatment.

    Why laser treatment is best?

    Laser hair removal is the best way to shed unwanted body hair. Laser treatment involves the destruction of hair follicles to ensure long lasting results. At Perfection Cosmetic we promise to provide the best laser hair removal treatment in UK that too at a friendly price.

    When will laser hair removal be most effective?

    Laser hair removal takes about 3 to 4 treatments to see a noticeable difference. However, it totally depends on the different parts of the body as they have different growth rates. We at Perfection Cosmetic say that it works best when the hair is in its active growth.

    Where to get laser hair removal treatment done?

    Perfection Cosmetic is a laser clinic based in Bolton near Manchester. We provide Laser Hair Removal treatment with the best results at the best price.

    How safe and effective is laser hair removal?

    Laser Hair Removal treatment is safe. However, there are some side effects occasionally. But specialists at Perfection Cosmetic provide you with appropriate consulting to keep side effects at bay.

    What are the benefits of laser hair removal treatment?

    There are many benefits of Laser Hair Removal treatment. Below are some of the common:

    • Promotes Skin Health: laser hair removal keeps your skin silky smooth as it should be. Wherein, shaving & waxing leaves your skin dry, red rashes, red bumps, and boil; laser hair removal treatment saves your skin from all these.
    • Save time: laser hair removal treatment is much more time saving as compared to waxing and shaving. It takes between 30 minutes to an hour for the session to complete.
    • Result oriented: Majority of the patients have permanent hair loss after number of sessions.

    Is laser hair removal of bikini area and underarms safe?

    Laser hair removal treatment is a completely safe procedure for removal of hairs from bikini area and underarms. At Perfection Cosmetic we take all necessary measures to train our staff and make our treatment process clean and healthy.

    What are some essential tips about laser hair removal?

    Here are some of the essential tips about the Laser Hair Removal treatment:

    • It takes few sessions to see the noticeable difference.
    • Do not wax before the treatment.
    • Follow the aftercare advice given.

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