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What is Acne?

Acne can be an upsetting and frustrating problem to tackle, people often end up spending lots of money on various skin care solutions to try and fix the problem. It is caused by a blockage in the oil glands (sebaceous glands). The sebaceous glands secrete oils (sebum) to keep the skin moist. When the glands get clogged, it can lead to pimples and cysts.

Acne is very common. People of all races and ages have acne. Acne most often begins in puberty but can affect all ages. During puberty hormones increase and cause sebaceous glands to make more oil.

Normally, the sebum produced travels through the hair follicles to the skin. However, skin cells can plug the follicles. This can block the sebum. When follicles become plugged, skin bacteria begin to grow inside the follicles. Inflammation and pimples then develop.

Attack active acne and reduce your breakouts with our laser treatments. Everyone gets acne from time to time. Some are lucky to leave it behind in adolescence, while others deal with it well into adulthood. Thanks to our laser technology, you don’t have to suffer the pain and embarrassment of acne any longer.

Laser acne treatment is an effective, painless way to treat both acne and the scars it can cause. By applying gentle laser light to the skin, your face, back, chest or other areas can be cleared of acne pustules without the application of harsh creams or ointments. In addition, the laser smooths your skin, minimizing the appearance of scars, uneven texture, and hyperpigmentation.

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    Using laser the area of concern is targeted by the light which destroys the bacteria that causes acne, the acne treatment can be slightly uncomfortable and a warm sensation felt on the skin. Downtime is minimal and you can head back to work the next day. The treatment is effective on mild to moderate acne and a safe alternative to prescribed medications.


    How Much Does it Cost To Get Rid Of Acne Scars?

    Including the consultation fee and removal process, the full cost of acne scar removal can reach anywhere from £500 and upwards. This is entirely dependent on the amount of acne you’re treating though, so can vary widely from case to case.

    What are the different types of acne spots?

    Acne can be either inflammatory or non-inflammatory. Within these two sets, you might experience blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts.

    How is acne treated? What is ‘intense pulsed light’ therapy?

    At Perfection Cosmetic, our acne removal consists of laser treatments that pulse soft laser lights to your skin, removing acne pustules, lessening scarring and smoothing out your skin.

    Is there more than one type of acne?

    Acne is usually broken down into two types, inflammatory and non-inflammatory. Inflammatory acne is the type that most people get treated with Cosmetic Perfection for, and its symptoms include blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts.

    Why is it bad to pick or squeeze acne spots?

    Whilst it might seem like a quick, easy and, to some, a satisfying solution to your spot problem, the reality is that picking and squeezing your spots could cause more scarring and push more bacteria deeper into the skin. This might lead to worse spots in the area in the future.

    Where do you most commonly find acne on your face – and what does it mean?

    Acne on your forehead or nose is often due to oils on the skin, and could also be exacerbated by stress. Acne on the chin or the jawline can be a little more complicated than this and could be the result of fluctuations in your hormones, whether due to medication or birth control, or simply natural.

    Which acne treatment is right for me?

    This is entirely dependent on the severity of your acne, and how often you get it. There is a range of acne treatments available for great prices, but always consult a specialist before committing to one of them.

    Is there any pre or post-care tips for Acne or scar removal treatment?

    After your acne scars removal treatment, it’s advised that you keep your skin clean and moisturised every day, avoid the sun and wear sun cream if exposed to it, and try to avoid wearing make up for a few days afterwards, as this can reclog the pores. It is also advised that you try not to pick at the affected skin once you’ve undergone laser treatment.

    Is there any lifestyle changes I need to make for better results?

    After treatment at our acne and skin clinic Manchester, make sure to stay hydrated and watch your diet for sugary or greasy foods. Also, maintain a regular face washing routine and make sure to exercise regularly. Getting more sleep can also reduce the risk of more acne.

    How soon can I expect visible results? How many sessions does acne treatment require?

    You can expect your skin to look better after acne treatment even just the day after your first session. Over the next month or so, you will begin to see even more improvements. It might take two or more sessions to fully rid your face of acne scars and treatments, and you’ll have to wait six weeks or more between each session.

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