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What's a Mole?

An average an adult will have between multiple moles on their body, irrespective of skin tone and sex. While most skin moles are easily ignored some may be unsightly making you feel self-conscious or cause discomfort. The skin is the largest and most noticeable organ of the body, which is why it’s essential that your skin is healthy.

Our specialist can remove moles within our clinic, If several moles are being treated further visits may be required to ensure they are fully removed.

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Am I allowed to have my Mole removed for cosmetic reasons?

Yes you can have your moles removed for cosmetic reasons as long a the mole’s are beneign (non-cancerous) before making an appointment with a private clinic to have the mole’s removed.  Find out more information about facial and body mole removal by filling the form below.

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    Mole Removal Treament Details

    Laser Mole Removal is effective on moles, this type of removal usually provides an excellent cosmetic result with no surgical scarring. Laser treatment uses specific wavelengths of light that destroy the dark pigment in the skin. This option is a good option for removing mole’s from the face as there is less risk of scarring.

    We will aim to remove the mole in one session however some moles may need multiple treatments as some moles are more stubborn that others, laser removal is an ideal choice for treating multiple facial and body moles.

    We will go through a full consultation, medical history, the procedure process and the aftercare at the consultation stage. we will be happy to answer all your questions in regards to your treatments.

    You can also have benign mole and skin tag carried out with fibroblast procedure, please contact the clinic for more details.

    *Please note our prices may vary depending on the size of your mole, how protruding, pigment, type of lesion and location*

    Mole Removal FAQ's

    Does getting a mole removed hurt?

    The laser treatment at Perfection Cosmetic is not painful. Provided laser treatment uses specific wavelengths of light that destroy the dark pigment in the skin leaving no scars.

    Do moles grow back?

    The laser treatment at Perfection Cosmetic has minimal pain.  The laser uses specific wavelength of light and destroys the dark pigment in the skin.

    There always a possibility mole can grow back but the chances are very minimal or non and if they do you can always book on for a top up session.

    How long does mole removal procedure take?

    Mole removal procedure generally takes one session. However, some moles are stubborn and therefore may need multiple treatment sessions. Laser removal is an ideal choice for treating multiple facial and body moles.

    Does mole removal leave scars?

    Removing moles for cosmetic reasons may leave small scar for mole removal procedure. At Perfection Cosmetic we ensure the results are minimum scarring or none. However a small pigment can remain sometime in rare cases but can heal over time according to your natural healing process. There is always a possibility mole can return however the probability is low. If they do you can book in for a top up session.

    What is the recovery time for mole removal?

    A mole removal recovery would take at least a few week or longer depending on your natural healing process. Depending on the size and location of the mole.

    How much does it cost to remove moles off your face?

    Mole Removal treatments starts from £100. Call Perfection Cosmetic on 01204 405114 to know more.

    Are all moles cancerous?

    No, all moles are not cancerous. But it is advisable to do check with a specialist if following signs are noticed:

    • If moles are itching
    • If the mole is painful
    • If a crust forms on the top of the mole
    • If it bleeds or swells
    • If you notice are any changes in the mole, such as its colour or size

    How safe and effective is mole removal?

    At Perfection Cosmetic Clinic our specialist are experts in treating moles. Whether they are flat, protruding, pigmented, small or big they all can get treated. We have various different procedure you can choose from. Laser treatment uses specific wavelengths of light to destroy the dark pigments in the skin. The procedure is absolutely safe and very popular.

    Cherry Angiomas / Venous Lake

    Cherry Angioma are common skin growth that vary in size. They can occur anywhere on the body and face, they mainly occur after the age of 30. Cherry Angiomas are red moles that develop on your skin which are also known as Cherry Hemangiomas, Senile Angiomas to Campbell de Morgan spots.

    Cherry Angiomas are usually benign unless they bleed or change appearance which can be a indicator of skin cancer.
    Cherry Angioma are most common in adult and are made of small blood vessels that give it a red or purple appearance, they can occur in some adults in the 20s or earlier.

    What Causes Cherry Angiomas?
    Cherry Angiomas may develop due to following reason:
    – Ageing
    – Pregnancy
    – Genetics

    What do Cherry Angioma Look Like?

    Cherry Angiomas are flat red spots that grow from very small from 1mm to 5mm and can be slightly raised. they can change shape and size over period time.

    They are small and circular oval shape. Cherry Angiomas may bleed if they are rubbed or scratched and often grow with natural ageing. 70% of people have Cherry Angiomas over the age of 75 years old. Often they grow in the legs, arms, torso face and back.

    How Are Cherry Andiomas Removed?

    The common procedures to remove Cherry Angiomas are:

    – Laser Treatment
    – Cryotherapy
    – Shaved Excision
    – Electrocauterization

    Do Cherry Angiomas Go Away on there Own?

    Cherry Angioma do not go away on there own, you would need to seek professional advice to find the best procedure to remove them.  Please contact us today by calling us on 01204 405114 or alternatively fill out the enquiry form.

    Venous Lake

    Venous Lake are small dark blue / purple papule which are elevated, soft and compressible.  These lesions are typically asymptomatic that causes no symptoms or pain, they mainly appear on exposed areas tooth sun such as face, neck, lips, ears and back of hands.  They are benign lesions but can change.  The most likely cause of a Venous Lake is chronic sun damage to the walls of the superficial veins.  This damage is mainly lead to the dialation of the veins on the surface layer of the skin resulting the lesion to be elevated and dark/blue papule.

    Treatment For Venous Lake?

    Venous Lake can be treated by few different methods including Micro-Cautery or Laser, the treatment delivers energy to the problematic areas such as capillaries, vein or vessels and destroys them or will shrink, shrivel the area or make it disappear leaving the blood to flow back to normal via healthier vessels which are not visible on the surface layer of the skin.

    Once the treatment has been carried out the treated area will blister and go through a natural healing and granulation process resulting the skin to look normal and clear once the skin has fully healed. If you would like further details please fill in the Form below or call 01204405114.

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      Cyst Removal

      A cyst is a lump under the skin caused by a build up of fluid, that looks like a lump underneath the skin.  They can very in sizes some are small and some are larger and can grow unto a few centimetres wide.  They look like a round bump underneath the skin and sometimes can shrink in size or flair up.  Cyst are caused by blockages which leads up to a build up of fluid.  The blockages are caused by genetic conditions, infection, inflammatory conditions, parasites or tumours.

      There are other names given to Cyst which are the following:
      – Sebaceous Cysts – These can occur anywhere on the body
      – Pilar Cysts – These Cysts can appear on the scalp
      – Acne Cysts – These Cysts can occur where there is inflamation from acne
      – Epidermoid Cysts – These Cysts can appear anywhere on your body

      How serious is a Cyst?

      Benign Cyst can cause complications such as infection, the cyst can fill up with bacteria and pus and can end up becoming an abscess, if for any unforeseen circumstance the abscess burst inside the the body then there is a risk of blood poisoning (Septicaemia) and immediate medical attention is required.

      What is a Cyst Filled with?

      A Cyst is made up of a pocket that is filled up with fluid, tissue, blood and hair.  If it is filled with pus then it can become an abscess.

      Should I be worried if I have a Cyst?

      Majority of the Cyst are harmless however not call Cyst can remain untreated.  Of you develop  Cyst on your face or on a visible part of your body you may want to have it removed to regain your confidence.

      How is a Cyst Removed?

      To remove a Cyst successfully you should remove the whole sack so it does not fill up with pus.  These are the following procedures to successfully to remove a Sebaceous Cyst:
      – Laser Excision – The Cyst is drained when the laser creates a tiny hole in the Cyst
      – Minimal Excision – This procedure is carried out by making a small incision in the overlying skin of the Cyst
      – Conventional Wide Excision – This procedure leaves a long term scar after the procedure is carried out.

      We would recommend the laser excision as there is minimal downtime and side affects in comparison to the other procedures.

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