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What are Milia?

See those little white bumps around your eye area? That’s Milia, they lie just underneath the skin. Milia is a plug of sebaceous material and cellular debris that gets trapped as there is no pore they can’t simply be extracted like a pimple.

Causes of Milia

There are a number of reasons can cause Milias which are the following:

  • Heavy Skin Products

The use of heavy skin care products that can be used on the face that will cause milias, this could be make up removers some typical comedogenic creams can inhibit  dead epidermal cells causing this condition. In addition, heavy sunscreens, hair spray, hair gel and mousse, as well as moisturisers can cause this condition.

  • Sun Damage

Sun Damage for a longer period can cause the skin due to cumulative exposure to the sun. Also, an ageing skin tends to form a thicker epidermis which makes it difficult for the natural exfoliation of hair follicles and skin cells from finding their way out of the glands.

Other typical causes could be,

  • Dermabrasion and other skin resurfacing treatments
  • Skin blistering injuries resulting from poison ivy
  • Burns
  • long use of steroid cream

Symtoms, Signs & Treatment for Milia

The signs and symptoms are easily noticeable with the common signs including dome-shaped white/yellow bumps that are nor itchy nor painful. The white small bumps are mainly located on the nose, cheeks, eyelids and forehead. In some cases, infant Milia do not need any treatment since the milias disappears after a short period time. Milia in adults and older children that do not disappear itself can be treated using various techniques.

Milia is a condition that has for so long been considered normal and can be quite unsightly if it spreads to majority parts of the face areas. It disrupts and distorts the natural skin texture and complexion therefore should removed.

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Treatment Details

The treatment usually takes around 20- 30 minutes, using a small electrical probe the Milia is heated gently which causes the superficial layer of skin to soften up and the milias is then extracted out, the skin then scabs and goes through a healing process which depends on the persons natural healing process recovery rate.  Once the skin scabs, the scabs then falls off for the skin to heal over. Downtimes will take place as the skin requires healing time after the extraction process.

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