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Mole Removal

What's a Mole?

An average an adult will have between multiple moles on their body, irrespective of skin tone and sex. While most skin moles are easily ignored some may be unsightly making you feel self-conscious or cause discomfort. The skin is the largest and most noticeable organ of the body, which is why it’s essential that your skin is healthy.

Our specialist can remove moles within our clinic, If several moles are being treated further visits may be required to ensure they are fully removed.

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Am I allowed to have my Mole removed for cosmetic reasons?

Yes you can as long a the moles are benign (non-cancerous) so you should consult your GP in regards to this before making an appointment with a private clinic to have the mole’s removed.  Find out more information about facial and body mole removal by filling the form below.

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Treament Details

Laser removal is effective on moles, this type of removal usually provides an excellent cosmetic result with no permanent scarring. Laser treatment uses specific wavelengths of light that destroy the dark pigment in the skin. This option is a good option for removing mole’s from the face as there is less risk of scarring.

We will aim to remove the mole in one session however some moles may need multiple treatments as some moles are more stubborn that others, laser removal is an ideal choice for treating multiple facial and body moles.

We will go through a full consultation, medical history, the procedure process and the aftercare at the consultation stage. we will be happy to answer all your questions in regards to your treatments.

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