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A facial is a procedure involving a variety of skin treatments, including: steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels, and massage. Facials are used for general skin health as well as for specific skin conditions.

Facials are a great way to clear congested skin and leave you looking radiant and glowing. We recommend booking a facial if you’ve got a big event planned and need a little pick me up before the big day.

A Laser Facial is an effective solution that helps treat a number of skin concerns, including skin texture and tone, wrinkles, acne, collagen production and some forms of pigmentation.

Using laser energy with long wavelengths that penetrate deeply without injuring the top layer of skin, the deep dermis is stimulated to produce natural collagen and other vital proteins. This results in the resurfacing of your skin, giving it a healthy and youthful appearance.

A laser facial treatment is a revolutionary method performed with photo-acoustic technology. Skin conditions that can be improved include texture and tone, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, enlarged pores and congestion. It can also remove freckles, age spots and the results of hormonal hyper-pigmentation.

Laser facial resurfacing treatments are an effective way to improve your appearance. They reduce wrinkles, tightens the surface, reverse sun damage and improves texture. This technique can also correct some pigmentation problems and help reduce scarring caused by acne, trauma or burns. Laser light is used to regenerate the cells, removing a thin layer to reveal the fresh layer beneath.
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We will assess your skin and understand your concern and using a blend of unique ingredients we will design the treatment specifically for you, whether this is for dealing with an oily complexion or alleviating dry patches.


Our facials are designed for all skin tones and types regardless of age, including sensitive skin.

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